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When it comes to cleaning up a disaster in Boise and surrounding areas, we got you covered. We help you recover from water damage, floods, fire damage, mold growth, and biohazards to name a few.


Biohazards are any biological or chemical substance that poses a threat to humans, animals, or the environment of your home in Boise. Some examples are viruses, bacteria, fungi, human or animal waste, or body fluids. Dry Pros will be there for you when you face the cleanup of any biohazard. Protect yourself and those you love from possibly serious health complications and call us.


Many things can cause water damage to your home or business in Boise. Things like broken pipes, overflowing sinks and washing machines, and burst pipes are a few small examples. Dry Pros wants you to know that you need to dry the property quickly to prevent additional damages due to swelling, cracking, and splitting of building materials and to prevent mold growth.


Fires large and small can cause damage to homes in Boise. Soot residue must be removed from the house and furnishings, and structural repairs made. Dry Pros will make sure that your home is restored according to best practices. Water damage as a result of putting out the fire, or odors and toxic chemicals still in the air from burning materials will also be dealt with quickly.


Mold can develop in as little as 24 to 48 hours, given the right conditions of high humidity or standing water. Mold will feed on and degrade any organic materials such as wood and drywall, for example. Dry Pros is a Boise company with the experience to handle all types of mold remediations. To prevent further mold growth and possible health complications, give us a call.


Mold – alive or dead- is harmful to the structural integrity of a home in Boise. Mold can also prove to be a health hazard for those living in the house. Dry Pros is the company to call if you see – or suspect – that you have mold. Our experienced professionals will assess your specific situation, complete both pre- and post-testing, and determine the best course for you to take.


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