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Key Parts of Full Mold Remediation and Damage Control Processes

At Dry Pros Restoration LLC, we are a top firm for dealing with mold damage to a property. Our detailed approach remediates in ways that less sophisticated firms don’t, because they simply don’t have the resources or equipment to fully remediate problems.

Here are some of the key steps in the process of getting mold out of your home or business property.

Mold Detection

It’s often difficult to even identify mold where it exists in your building.

Part of the reason is that not all mold damage is visible or exposed. The combination of water and hidden spaces often creates hidden mold that festers where you can’t access it, or even know that it’s there. That’s a big problem, partly because of the health issues that the mold can cause, and partly because of what it can do to property value.

Sometimes when properties are renovated, that’s when the mold gets discovered. Or there can be problems with respiratory issues or something else that triggers a mold investigation.

We can find hidden mold using enhanced mold testing. We are able to inspect the property and find out if there is hidden mold on site, so that we can deal with it. That’s the first step – and it’s an important one!

Mold Containment

In remediating mold and doing damage control, it’s important to keep mold spores from spreading. Containment procedures include negative air chambers and other cutting-edge ways to trap and contain mold on the site.

All of this is extremely important to those who are having allergic reactions or other health issues connected to long-term mold damage. Again, identification and discovery are important, and containment proceeds according to some pretty strong key principles. For example, we assess the heating and cooling system to see how air movement might affect the spread of mold in the building, or the delivery of mold to various parts of the building. That’s part of the containment process. There are also specific multi-point systems that we follow to make sure that containment is effective. This isn’t something that every firm does, unfortunately.

Mold Removal

Another key fundamental part of dealing with a mold situation is to get the mold-contaminated materials out of the building. This may also include using air scrubbers equipped with HEPA filters to remove mold from the air where it is airborne. Along with that, there is the idea of removing materials that are contaminated at a surface level.

All of this takes considerable technology and expertise. At Dry Pros Restoration LLC, we offer free inspections and estimates from certified and licensed technicians, and a company that has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Ask us about anything that is troubling you about your property! We do disaster restoration and disaster cleanup, and we can deal with standing water or its effects. We’re ready to help you!

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