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Who Do You Call in an Emergency?

Property emergencies are all too common –in Idaho, and anywhere else in the country.

As a property owner, you’re dealing with the quirks and unpredictable habits of Mother Nature and you’re also dealing with some amount of chance. When fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake or some other emergency occurs and you’re suddenly facing property damage, it’s important to have a firm that will be at the ready to come to your aid.

At Dry Pros Restoration LLC, our certified and licensed technicians are on hand to help you when you need it. We offer free inspections and estimates and are approved with a wide spectrum of insurance companies. As a five star rated restoration company, we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we are proud of what we do for Boise, Idaho home and business owners every day!

Damage Control

In cases of fire damage, mold damage or water damage, time is of the essence.

These types of damage don’t just happen, and then stop. They tend to continue to wreak havoc on the property well after the initial emergency has occurred. Anything less than scrupulous vigilance leaves damage to compound itself in the background, and quickly gets out of hand.

We excel in providing services that will contain and remediate mold, fix and prevent future water damage, restore fire damage and otherwise bring a property back to its livable state.

Invisible Problems

Much of the damage from certain kinds of emergencies is hard to deal with because it’s hidden and not easy to see.

Take a look at what we offer in terms of duct cleaning, mold testing and air duct evaluation as well as sealing services, and you’ll see what we mean. With mold in particular, excellent assessment and lab testing are critical. It’s not enough to just go in and lay eyes on a property. There’s a scientific process that helps to make sure that your property does not continue to suffer from environmental problems. We carry out those processes on behalf of our customers, in an efficient and affordable way.

Versatile Solutions

After you know exactly what’s going on with the property, the next step is to perform those services that solve the issues that are there. With our water removal and water extraction services, we help handle plant plumbing leaks, problems with appliances, roofing leaks and more. Every solution needs to be versatile – every problem needs to be carefully evaluated and addressed in a customized way.

Talk to Dry Pros Restoration LLC about emergency handling in the Boise area. Don’t leave the future of your property to chance – we will help you to restore damaged spaces and prevent the kinds of awful compounded damage that tend to happen over time when initial damage isn’t 100% addressed. We know first-hand what property owners are facing when they take in fire, mold or water damage, and we know how to address these situations – we’re here for you.

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