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Biohazard Cleanup in Boise, Idaho

Crime Scene Cleanup | Boise, Idaho

What’s A Biohazard?

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Anything that poses a risk to the environment, animals, or human health is a biohazard. Examples include, but aren’t limited to blood, tissue, certain body fluids, animal/plant pathogens, and contaminated waste with potentially infectious or harmful materials like chemicals.

Exposure to infectious materials in biohazards poses serious health risks. That’s where biohazard cleanup services come in handy. Cleaning up biohazards like blood or a body in a crime scene must be done by experts like us who understand the risks. The process should also be handled with sensitivity, utmost discretion, and respect for victims and related parties.

Decontaminating homes, businesses, or other facilities with biohazards caused by chemical spills, sewage, trauma, or death is a dangerous and potentially emotional process when done by untrained individuals. Expert help is “key” to removing biohazards successfully and in an appropriate way.

A crime scene should be cleaned in a safe and humane way by experts who are equipped with the right cleaning products and safety apparatus to transform potentially unsafe environments back to safe habitats for all. Crime scenes should also be cleaned with strict observance of the law to avoid destroying or tampering with evidence. In fact, many jurisdictions have laws governing biohazard cleanup.

If you live in Boise, Idaho, and you’re searching for expert biohazard cleanup services, look no further. We can clean up anything that qualifies as a biohazard humanely with strict accordance to the law and industry best practices.

Here’s a summary of the biohazard cleanup services we offer;

Crime Scene Cleanup | Boise, Idaho

Trauma Scene Cleanup in Boise, Idaho

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Accidents that involve blood bodily fluids or tissue result in trauma scenes. Remediation of such scenes is referred to as trauma scene cleanup. Trauma scenes are very emotional and sensitive scenes, given the resulting injuries and fatalities.

You need experts like us who handle trauma scenes with the care, compassion, and expertise such scenes deserve. Trauma scenes can expose the public, friends, and relatives of victims to health risks. A trauma scene cleanup involves contact with blood, tissue, among other potentially hazardous materials. For biohazard risks like diseases, viruses, etc., to be contained, specific rules must be followed to ensure scenes are properly disinfected.

As an industry leader in Trauma Scene cleanup in Boise, Idaho, we follow the latest, safest, and most effective trauma cleanup standards in the industry. We test, contain, clean, and disinfect trauma scenes using many effective methods, including bioremediation – the use of naturally occurring microorganisms and cleaners to break down pathogens in blood, bodily fluids, and tissue without polluting the trauma scene.

We aren’t all about expertise when offering our trauma cleanup services. We acknowledge the care, compassion, and understanding required when handling trauma scenes. During this time of need, we take the unpleasant burden of cleaning up and offer services with the utmost discretion.

Crime Scene Cleanup | Boise, Idaho

Death Scene Cleanup in Boise, Idaho

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In the unfortunate case of death, the scene must be cleared and cleaned up. This service is extended to Boise, ID families affected by death tragedies. We are fast, safe, and discrete. We offer families this service to help them get over the emotional trauma of losing a loved one.

Tragedies that result in death like suicide or homicide are painful and traumatic. Besides losing a loved one, you must deal with the remnants of a death scene, which may include blood, bodily fluids, and possessions. In some cases i.e., homicide, you need to deal with property damage as well. It is equally, if not more painful and traumatic, to clean after a loved one.

That’s where we come in. We are committed to cleaning and disinfecting death scenes fast and safely to allow you to move past losing a loved one. We discharge our services fully aware of the emotional trauma that can be caused by handling death scene cleanup unprofessionally. We are extremely mindful, so you don’t have to worry about you/your family’s confidentiality, privacy, or dignity.

Biohazard Cleanup | Boise, Idaho

Dead Body Removal in Boise, Idaho

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Being notified about the passing away of a loved one is shocking, painful, and confusing. The tasks that follow this unnerving event are bound to take a toll on you. Removing a loved one from a scene and cleaning up comes with unsurmountable challenges and risks. In fact, it should be left to professionals like us only. The body, bodily fluids, and decomposing matter left behind need to be handled with care.

Our dead body removal services are professional and sensitive towards the needs, state, and best interests of the loved ones left behind. We handle things based on factors such as the cause of death. We offer our services after medical personnel and investigative bodies have visited the scene and given us the go-ahead.

We remove the dead in a dignified manner and observe the industry’s best practices to the end. If required, we can remove personal belongings and any affected structural elements like flooring and dispose them in accordance with Idaho and federal biohazard waste laws. After dead body removal and cleaning, we use ATP testing to check disinfection levels.

Our dead body removal in Boise, Idaho service, is offered alongside related services such as odor removal if needed to eliminate constant reminders of the dreadful event.

Crime Scene Cleanup | Boise, Idaho

Crime Scene Cleanup in Boise, Idaho

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A crime scene cleanup exercise refers to the forensic cleanup of bodily fluids, blood among other potentially hazardous or infectious materials in a crime scene. Incidences that may require crime scene cleanup include suicide, homicide, mass trauma, decomposition after death, infectious disease contamination, etc.

Crime scenes have all kinds of materials and substances like blood and body fluids that should be handled by experts only. Cleaning blood spills, or carpets and furniture with potentially biohazard materials is risky. Crime scenes tend to be very messy and feature contagious contaminants, bacteria, and viruses. Regular carpet cleaning or janitorial services won’t get the job done.

You need cleaning services that follow the guidelines of relevant bodies like the EPA. We take all precautions to limit your exposure to contaminants. Our crime scene cleaners have gone through rigorous training on the best practices, including the use of protective equipment and safety risk. What’s more, we can provide families with the support and reassurance they need having dealt with a variety of tragic circumstances in the past.

Blood Spill Cleanup | Boise, Idaho

Blood Spill Cleanup in Boise, Idaho

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Human blood harbors diseases like hepatitis B & C, HIV/AIDS, among other deadly and transmittable diseases. Blood spill cleanup services are extended with the assumption that all blood is infected. This precautionary approach guarantees safety. Blood spills are common in crime and trauma scenes. Given the risks associated with handling blood, blood spills should be cleaned by experts only.

If blood has been spilled on your carpet or furniture as a result of a crime, death, or any other unfortunate event, you don’t have to subject yourself to cleaning when you should be grieving or recovering. We have the expertise to get rid of blood spills completely and spare you from the horror of reliving a tragic event every time you see stains on your carpet or furniture.

Our blood spill cleanup service in Boise, Idaho, begins with disinfection of the contaminated area. Cleaning blood spills is the easy part. Disinfecting requires specialized equipment. Blood spills cleanup also requires strict observance of regulation and training on handling bloodborne pathogens.

We use registered disinfectants capable of killing a wide variety of bloodborne pathogens. Our blood spill cleaners also wear disposable gloves and use disposable cloth towels, disinfectant wipes, leak-proof containers, biohazard bags, and biohazard labels to guarantee the highest standards of safety and cleanliness.

Our Advantage

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If you want reasons why you should choose us for all your biohazard cleanup needs in Boise, ID, here’s a summary of our pros:

1. Emergency services 24/7, 365 days: Dry Pros Restoration is there for you any day, anytime. We understand the urgency that comes with biohazard cleanup, which is why we work every day of the year. We have a passionate customer care team that answers emergency calls 24 hours a day, all year. If you lose a loved one or have a cleanup emergency that needs urgent attention, CALL our emergency hotline on 208-999-2353.

2. We are humane: We understand the pain, shock, and confusion associated with dealing with a loss or accident in the family. This is precisely why we handle the most challenging tasks for you. When you call, you can rest assured we will treat your situation with the sensitivity it requires. Our services are discrete, private, and in observance of any special concerns you may have.

3. Highly trained, skilled & equipped biohazard cleanup professionals: Our cleanup teams have all they need to offer exemplary biohazard cleanup services that adhere to the industry’s best practices.

4. We are tested and proven: Feel free to check what our customers in Boise, ID have to say about our services.

5. Free inspections & estimates: We don’t charge customers for seeking our services. Request for a FREE inspection and estimate NOW.

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