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Dry Pros offers services ranging from disaster cleanup, water damage, fire damage, mold remediation, bio & trauma, and chemical spills. Our disaster cleanup experts are highly educated, knowledgable, and use top-of-the-line tools to go above and beyond customer expectations and get your property back to how it was before the disaster.

In addition to the above, our company uses a highly trained and educated office manager with real world experience that will ensure thorough communication with yourself and your insurance company. She will ensure project documentation, project quality, and an aptitude that resembles only the highest understanding and capacity to fulfill your needs and the needs of all parties involved, i.e., insurance adjusters, demolition, mitigation, remediation, reconstruction, remodel, and more!

Backing our incredible office manager, we have a team of highly trained and ready-to-go emergency disaster cleanup professionals. These professionals stand-by day and night on-call waiting at a moment’s notice to react to your needs. This can be anything from storms, plumbing bursts, backups, fires, mold, chemical spills, accidental deaths, unattended deaths, or even extreme conditions. Our professionals are also trained in residential and commercial structures. They understand all forms of building, construction, and materials. This will ensure your property is taken care of in the most extraordinary ways!

Last but not least, our company has an active owner. This owner has daily meetings every single day. He will go over training, education, project updates, project concerns, project details, project planning, and implementing new plans-of-actions and protocols so we are always changing, bettering our company, and investing in ourselves to ensure that we are only investing more in our customers and their much needed satisfaction.


How long has Dry Pros been in business?

We have been around since 2015 and have gone leaps and bounds to ensure the highest satisfaction and education in the water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and remediation industries. Since 2015, we have completed thousands of inspections and projects for our local residential customers, commercial customers, and even city and state officials. We pride ourselves on being top-notch!

How long is Dry Pros warranty?

Our company in any disaster cleanup situation guarantees our direct mitigation and remediation work for up to three years. Some exclusions may apply depending on the situation and circumstance. Our company also ensures all sub-contractors also hold their direct warranties and exclusions, which we provide transparently to our customers.

Is Dry Pros insured?

Yes, of course we are. Commercial General Liability: $1,000,000 per occurrence and 2,000,000 general aggregates with 2,000,000 COMP/OP. Our company holds best-in-class insurance to ensure our customers and their properties are properly protected at all times. In addition to our company holding insurance, we ensure all sub-contractors have current insurance as well.

What type of fleet does Dry Pros have?

We have 1 gas powered water extraction vehicle utilized in bulk water extraction and emergency response. In addition, we have a 2nd gas powered water extraction vehicle utilized in bulk water extraction, emergency response and environmental stabilization and containment. Last but not least, we have a primary disaster cleanup, demolition, mitigation, and remediation vehicle that carries 16 air movers, 3 dehumidifiers, an air scrubber, HEPA vacuum, portable water extraction unit, thermal boosters, demolition tools, personal protective gear, containment barriers and more. Our last vehicle is a heavy duty truck we utilize alongside a full size dump trailer for bulk debris removal and cleanup. This ensures every job site is taken care of as quickly as possible.

How much equipment does Dry Pros have?

Our company holds on-site over 100 air movers, over 25 dehumidifiers, over 8 air scrubbers, over 3 HEPA vacuums, over 4 thermal heat exchangers, over 12 heated boosters, 2 Ozone generators, over 4 ULV foggers, 1 electrostatic fogger, 4 pressurized remediation sprayers, over 4 containment spill kits with 2 over-sized berms, 2 water extraction vans, 1 portable extractor, 4 ejection pumps, PPE gear and materials on-site and more!

What type of education and knowledge does Dry Pros use?

We use the industry standards with the IICRC. In addition to the education, we also hold the actual literature in our technician conference room from the IICRC to ensure our employees can always utilize the resources at any time. It is Dry Pros’ thought process as well, that education always needs and requires a continuing loop to ensure we are always aware of new materials, new protocols, and the best-in-class disaster cleanup techniques and equipment being utilized by our team members.

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Our 4 Step Process

Emergency Call

In the event you’ve had a disaster or need an inspection, don’t hesitate to call us. We have 24/7 emergency services and office hours from 9am–6pm Monday through Friday. Our professionals are waiting for your call.

Dry pros arrive

Once our professionals arrive at your home or business, they’ll be ready to identify the scope of work, perform any necessary emergency services, gather all the needed information, and secure the property.

mitigate problem

After creating the necessary plan for your home or business, we’ll put it into action and perform all the required work to ensure quality and satisfaction. 

problem solved

It is now time for all your needed repairs, reconstruction, and or remodeling. After the completion of this step, our company GC’s will ensure the highest satisfaction guaranteed.

Real Reviews, By Real Customers

Yvette BratcherYvette Bratcher
09:34 17 Mar 22
I was lucky to select Disaster Cleanup because they came out the same morning I called, they were professional, responsive, and answered all of our questions. In addition, they knew exactly what our insurance needed are were thorough and detailed. I worked with Shane and everyone was great at their job. Would highly recommend Disaster Cleanup Restoration.
John LeggettJohn Leggett
07:51 14 Mar 22
Shane was so professional very responsive, always gave a detailed and specific response to any question I had, he made this experience very easy and less stressful for us! Definitely will recommend it to anyone! Definitely a top employee! Thanks, Shane!
Joanna GardnerJoanna Gardner
06:21 10 Feb 22
They assessed my unique situation. Shane offered the correct solution without any attempt to overcharge or oversell. Every explanation was clear and easy to understand. Every service was of high quality. I will always recommend her to my closest friends and family.
Curtis GrayCurtis Gray
06:10 05 Feb 22
I had a minor water issue. I wanted to be sure there was no risk of mold or other problems. They inspected the area fully and found no issues. I now have a level of comfort for me and my family. The company was professional and good to work with. Would recommend to others!
Rachel YatesRachel Yates
07:25 24 Jan 22
Shane, it was great working with you - I’m very appreciative of all your help with my insurance claim. I appreciated not only you and your team but lining up contractors to take over after the restoration piece was complete. I dialed the right number in a disaster! Highly recommended and trustworthy!

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