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Sharron Henrickson


Knowledgeable, Responsive, and Professional

Dry Pros team was knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. They came highly recommended and delivered as advertised. Five stars for a great customer experience.

Boise, Idaho
Oct 12, 2019

Loraine Bonfiglio


Very Fast Response

Very Fast Response on emergency situation from Dry Pros and Best mold remediation services! Clean Work. Recommended!

Boise, Idaho
Oct 12, 2019

Maricela Victorian


Excellent Response Time by Dry Pros

Excellent response time by Dry Pros. Very polite and trustworthy employees, came in to dry out our basement. Best mold remediation service.Quick and clean fix.Thanks guys!

Boise, Idaho
Oct 12, 2019

Olivia Guntrum


Amazing Service

Amazing service quick response and solid work!

Boise, Idaho
Oct 12, 2019

Allison Rollison


These Guys Are True Professional

These guys are true professionals in water damage cleanup and drying. Fantastic company with a great team!!

Boise, Idaho
Oct 12, 2019

Nicole Todd


Willing To Go Out of Their Way

They were willing to go out of their way to help us out. The contractor was friendly, fast, and professional.

Boise, Idaho
Oct 12, 2019

About Our Biohazard Cleanup Services

Dry Pros Trauma Scene Cleanup Unit

At Dry Pros, we focus on protecting people from further harm by securing the cleanup area and restricting access. Once we identify how much space we need to cover when cleaning, our technicians are tasked with keeping people away. The process requires an extensive evaluation of the damage caused and how widespread it is. Our teams understand the need to come up with the proper numbers to ensure the cleanup covers everything.

After this is done, we will start working immediately to contain, stop, and eliminate the traverse effects of whatever we are dealing with. All biohazard material is collected by qualified and trained professionals who adhere to all safety regulations. It is then removed from the scene and disposed of following guidelines on dealing with hazardous elements.

Remediation of scenes with tissue, blood, and other body fluids requires extra caution as these are highly likely to pose the threat of infections. We fully comprehend the sensitivity of this process. Our team is meticulous when working on your home or office after traumatic experiences. Other than ensuring everything is done with the highest level of professionalism, we also have high regard for your needs.

Our presence is structured towards not interfering with your coping process and showing the utmost respect for your space. Since we are aware of the potential of the situation leading to the spread of disease, we employ strict measures in keeping everyone safe.

Numerous hazardous materials are present in a death scene. Our first step will be to test and identify any areas that have biomaterial using the best tools and methods. This will be done by a team that is geared up to protect themselves and others from potential harm. We aim to rid the area of all elements that result from the incident. Therefore, you will find that the cleaning materials we use are the best and are effective in attaining the highest sanitation level. With every cleanup scene, we take time to assess the custom needs and come up with a unique procedure that will help in handling every detail. This way, we do not miss any area or detail.

The death of a loved one is an unnerving event. It leads to pain, shock, and confusion. The corpse is handled in different ways and removed by various parties, depending on how the person passed away. In all cases, however, medical personnel or coroner must be present to identify the body. Their work in all scenes is to determine the cause of death before facilitating the transportation of the body. Once this is done, it is easy to be lost in the worry of what comes next. In these moments, having evidence and constant reminders will weigh in on those grieving. Thus, once the authorities clear the scene, we come in to remove the dead body in a dignified way.

It is not possible to foretell just when you might need us. We are dedicated to helping you anytime you need assistance. Our team is committed and always ready to clean up. We pride ourselves in the agility with which we respond once you contact us. The group takes all the safety precautions necessary and embarks on sanitizing affected areas.

One of the most significant things we focus on is how to avoid cross-contamination. The training we have undergone equips us with the knowledge on how to take up the process and complete it within record time. Our services are geared towards finishing our job as fast as possible to help you ease back into your routine.

There are different methods applied when cleaning up blood spills, depending on the surface it is on, and we can handle all kinds of spills. This process is delicate but it needs to be done fast to avoid blood seeping through to other things. The first thing we do is contain the flow, especially on non-absorbent surfaces. The fact that the blood may contain pathogens dictates caution when handling the cleaning material. When dealing with such cases, we strategize on the best way to ensure that first, our team is safe, and the damage is contained. The safety equipment we use is approved to deal with such spills.

The value of our service to the clients is seen through the results we produce and the compassion we display. Most of the situations leading to the exposure of biohazard elements are traumatic and unsettling. The emotions you experience at such times may hinder your ability to contribute to restoring the physical outlook of an area. That is why we are here. Get in touch with us today to help you in relieving you the trouble of dealing with a biohazard clean-up process!

Our Procedures For Cleaning Up After A Blood Spill

When you call, our representatives will guide you through various questions that will help the Dry Pros Professional respond to your biohazard cleanup scene more promptly and efficiently. This first contact is an important part of a fast, effective Trauma Scene Cleanup that will guarantee your home or business is restored in a timely manner.

We don appropriate personal protective equipment like disposable gloves that are industrial grade and appropriate for cleaning up blood and other chemical and biohazards at the scene. In the case of splashing, we also wear protective suits and eyewear. We always make sure that the protective wear fits neatly and that there are no flaws or other issues to be affected.

We use brushes and dustpans or tongs/forceps to separate broken glass or other pointed fragments that may break through our protective wear. We place each piece in a leak-proof, container as many items should never be removed by hand under any situation.

We cover any fluid with durable cloth towels to soak as much blood as possible. The licensed disinfectant we use has a wide range of kill claims and will not properly disinfected the area if the surface is still covered by wet blood. We toss out the used towels into a clearly marked biohazard trash bag.

Next, we, make sure there's enough ventilation if there's no spill in an open area. We follow the directions for the registered disinfectant product with a wide range of kill statements–making sure that we apply the disinfectant appropriately to the spill area and allow the disinfectant to soak for the appropriate treatment period. Once the appropriate time has passed, we work from the outside towards the middle and clean the area with sturdy cloth towels. Then we put all the used towels in the biohazard bag.

Next, we moisten clean cloth towels with more disinfect and treat the area of the blood spill once more. We then discard these towels into  biohazard bags as well. Then we allow the area to dry.

We meticulously discard our personal protective equipment into biohazard bags, such as our boots, gowns and glasses. We make sure that no other surfaces are infected during this phase.

We use a registered disinfectant with a wide range of kill claims on any reusable items, such as dustpans, buckets, tongs, etc. We follow the directions and keep the disinfectant in place for the appropriate treatment period before washing it off.

At this stage we perform the final inspection of our bodies for any contamination. Whether blood has been able to splash on our shirts or on the back of our neck, it's important to understand if we have been exposed to any biohazards. 

Finally, our biohazard technicians thoroughly wash their hands and arms with warm water and disinfectant soap. Now your biohazard is cleaned and our technicians are clean and safe as well.

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