Fire Damage

Fire Damage

3 Tips To Avoid Fire Damage In Your Home

We often want to believe that the worst could never happen. Adults seem to understand that accidents can absolutely occur, but it’s rare for us to really think about what could happen if we actually lost our home. Even if you live alone, a house fire might end up destroying so much of what you…

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3 Situations Where Building Owners Should Leave Cleaning Jobs to the Professionals

Most building owners take pride in their ability to handle repairs and chores on their own. They do their own landscaping, perform minor maintenance on structural problems, and do the routine tasks that keep their appliances working correctly. However, there are some cleaning jobs for a home or business that have complicating factors that can…

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Who Do You Call in an Emergency?

Property emergencies are all too common –in Idaho, and anywhere else in the country. As a property owner, you’re dealing with the quirks and unpredictable habits of Mother Nature and you’re also dealing with some amount of chance. When fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake or some other emergency occurs and you’re suddenly facing property damage, it’s…

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