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Dry Pros, not only works and advocates directly for our customer, but during the time of a disaster in your home or business, the last thing you need to be dealing with is an insurance claim. So don’t worry, we have this handled, we have dealt literally with thousands of insurance claims, hundreds of insurance companies and hundreds of insurance agents & adjusters from all over the United States. Our company will not only communicate with your insurance claim directly, we will ensure all the required documentation is completed, all photos are taken care of properly, all conditions are recorded, all contents is accounted for and the proper plan-of-action is in place to get your home or business back to better than ever, we take the term “pre-loss condition” to a whole other level!


What Is Homeowner’s Insurance?

An insurance policy is a legally binding contract between the insurer and the insured. You pay the homeowner’s insurance policy premiums as directed, and the insurer provides property and liability coverage as outlined in the terms. While you, the homeowner, have certain rights, you also have some obligations and exclusions to consider. Most homeowner’s policies throughout America and Canada contain the same standard provisions and exclusions.

Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Provisions

Insurance companies may try to persuade clients to obtain multiple bids and take the cheapest option, but you can choose your restoration company. You have the right to insist that they be licensed, insured, experienced, and reputable. You are entitled to the fair cost of full restoration to pre-loss conditions following covered damage.

Customer Insurance Claim Reports

Before, during, and after Dry Pros has inspected, started, and finished your project, our company will ensure all photos have been collected, all documentation has been completed, all parties have been notified, and the billing is in connection to the industry standards, ensuring good faith. The company is comprehensive in making sure your home or business is taken care of from start to finish, and is being restored completely to pre-loss conditions.

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Our 4 Step Process

Emergency Call

In the event you’ve had a disaster or need an inspection, don’t hesitate to call us. We have 24/7 emergency services and office hours from 9am–6pm Monday through Friday. Our professionals are waiting for your call.

Dry pros arrive

Once our professionals arrive at your home or business, they’ll be ready to identify the scope of work, perform any necessary emergency services, gather all the needed information, and secure the property.

mitigate problem

After creating the necessary plan for your home or business, we’ll put it into action and perform all the required work to ensure quality and satisfaction. 

problem solved

It is now time for all your needed repairs, reconstruction, and or remodeling. After the completion of this step, our company GC’s will ensure the highest satisfaction guaranteed.

Real Reviews, By Real Customers

Yvette BratcherYvette Bratcher
09:34 17 Mar 22
I was lucky to select Disaster Cleanup because they came out the same morning I called, they were professional, responsive, and answered all of our questions. In addition, they knew exactly what our insurance needed are were thorough and detailed. I worked with Shane and everyone was great at their job. Would highly recommend Disaster Cleanup Restoration.
John LeggettJohn Leggett
07:51 14 Mar 22
Shane was so professional very responsive, always gave a detailed and specific response to any question I had, he made this experience very easy and less stressful for us! Definitely will recommend it to anyone! Definitely a top employee! Thanks, Shane!
Joanna GardnerJoanna Gardner
06:21 10 Feb 22
They assessed my unique situation. Shane offered the correct solution without any attempt to overcharge or oversell. Every explanation was clear and easy to understand. Every service was of high quality. I will always recommend her to my closest friends and family.
Curtis GrayCurtis Gray
06:10 05 Feb 22
I had a minor water issue. I wanted to be sure there was no risk of mold or other problems. They inspected the area fully and found no issues. I now have a level of comfort for me and my family. The company was professional and good to work with. Would recommend to others!
Rachel YatesRachel Yates
07:25 24 Jan 22
Shane, it was great working with you - I’m very appreciative of all your help with my insurance claim. I appreciated not only you and your team but lining up contractors to take over after the restoration piece was complete. I dialed the right number in a disaster! Highly recommended and trustworthy!

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We Accept All Insurance Providers

Apart from accepting your insurance provider for both home and business, our certified professionals will ensure your claim is approved, document all findings, speak directly with your insurance provider, ensure transparency with billing, and approve all necessary repairs to restore you back to pre-loss condition.