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3 Situations Where Building Owners Should Leave Cleaning Jobs to the Professionals

Most building owners take pride in their ability to handle repairs and chores on their own. They do their own landscaping, perform minor maintenance on structural problems, and do the routine tasks that keep their appliances working correctly. However, there are some cleaning jobs for a home or business that have complicating factors that can seriously affect the health of your building and its occupants. Here are three situations where cleaning jobs are best left to experienced professionals.

Cleaning and Restoring a Home After Water Damage

Every building needs running water, but it can become a serious problem when water ends up in places where it’s not meant to be. There are a lot of ways that building can suffer water damage. A leaking pipe or roof can damage the walls and interior structure of a home or business. Whereas natural events like flooding can do similar damage while adding severe damage to electrical systems and the foundation to the mix.

Building owners who are faced with water damage may wish to save money by trying to clean their structure on their own or with cheaply hired help, but that may not be the best idea. Detecting and removing all of the damage caused significant water damage isn’t something that can be done with consumer-grade cleaning tools or an inexperienced crew. To protect the integrity of the building’s structure and to remove the potential for mold developing, owners need to hire a professional disaster cleanup service, such as Dry Pros Restoration, LLC. Our team of professionals can assist with all areas of water damage clean up. We handle assessments, water extraction, drying/dehumidifying, sanitation, and item restoration.

Mold Damage

Mold and mildew are some of the most resilient forms of life on the planet, and they can quickly form under the ideal conditions. Mold spores can have adverse effects on the air quality of the building and the health of the occupants. It’s vital that mold is removed as soon as possible. However, since mold can grow in places that can’t be easily seen (e.g., crawlspaces, beneath carpeting, etc.), structures can have a mold problem before the mold is noticed. Cleaning mold whenever you see it may not be enough, as it can also be lurking in places you can’t see. To ensure your business or home is mold free, owners should use services that can detect hidden mold damage and have the expertise to remove the mold completely.

Dry Pros Restoration, LLC can help you find and remove any mold from your home or business. Our technicians can contain mold to prevent it from spreading during the cleanup process. This process includes using an air filtration system and removing mold-infested materials. We then clean and restore all of the other articles in the building.

Fire Damage

A fire of any size can cause significant and lasting damage to a building. Even when it seems that a fire didn’t significantly damage a structure, it’s essential for building owners to have an inspection of their home or business. Adjoining rooms to where the fire happened could have smoke damage, foot damage or unseen fire damage to the structure. Dry Pros Resoration, LLC can do a fire assessment that ensures that the cleanup process is thorough and complete.

During the restoration process, Dry Pros Restoration can prevent further damage to your home by boarding up and tarping damaged walls, ceilings, and windows. Besides fire restoration services, our team can handle the cleaning that needs to be done after a fire, such as soot and smoke removal from walls and ceilings.

When a building is damaged by water, mold or fire, it’s understandable that owners want to save money by doing as much cleaning on their own as possible. However, cutting corners when restoring a home after a disaster can lead to further damage and higher costs down the road. A building is a substantial investment, so it’s worth the extra effort to get a professional disaster restoration service to protect your asset. If you have any questions about restoring a building from fire, water and mold damage, visit the Dry Pros Restoration, LLC website to learn more and to get immediate assistance.

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