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We can assist if the reason for mold development has been discovered by house inspectors or even if the cause is unknown. We’ve seen microbial development from a variety of sources, including appliances, plumbing leaks, weather damage, high humidity, and even groundwater. Once the cause of mold growth has been identified, our experts can determine how to avoid mold growth, remove non-salvageable materials, and repair structural materials using HEPA vacuuming and anti-microbial treatments. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be well on your way to restoring your home or business to its pre-loss state.


Dry Pros on-site mold testing can be as simple as a mold swab test to identify a hard surface area or as sophisticated as an air-o-cell test, which brings in acroscopic particles and identifies their species and the airborne count. After these results are sent to our trusted partner lab, we will give our clients the information they need and create a plan of action that is based on factual information as needed. 


In the unfortunate event of the passing of a family member, a traumatic event, an accident, or an unattended death, we are here for you. We handle all types of disaster cleanups. This can be considered body fluids, body parts, blood, bacteria, viruses, and more! We ensure a proper and safe plan of action. Our main priority is to protect the home or business from infections, odors, or transmissibility amongst humans that pose a health risk or complications from diseases. We are here to follow all state and federal laws and get your home or business back to the way it was before the damage.


In the event of a chemical spill, fire suppressant system, fumes, vapors, gases, and more, our company ensures we follow all SDS sheets, MSDS guidelines, Idaho State Laws, and Federal laws. We first inspect the structure and or area to identify the cause of the loss. We determine the total affected areas and create a viable plan of action. This can include such things as containment berms, spill kits, rags, HEPA air filtration, carbon filters, containment barriers, dilution, extraction, and more. Our company is ready for any and all disasters.


High Humidity

Any relative humidity above 60% can lead to mold growth in a home in Boise and the surrounding areas. Mold needs air, a food source, and water to thrive. Food sources in a home are readily available in wood, wallboard, and the contents of the home. If there is too much moisture, the conditions are perfect for mold to grow and spread.

Leaking Pipes

Leaks of any size can lead to the development of mold in Boise and surrounding area homes. These leaks may be hidden behind cabinets, walls, closets, or in the basement or crawl space. The water produced by the leaks makes mold growth an unfortunate likelihood if left untouched for as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation in a home can lead to increased humidity. The EPA notes that restricted ventilation can lead to an unhealthy buildup of moisture, which can lead to mold growth. An important HVAC function is to remove moisture from the air before it circulates air through the house. Proper maintenance of the system becomes vital in reducing humidity.

Roof & Foundation Leaks

Leaks in Boise or surrounding area homes in either the roof or foundation can cause moisture that can lead to mold growth if not dried in 24 to 48 hours. If the water intrusion in these areas goes unnoticed and mold develops, the mold spores can spread into other parts of the home. The EPA points out that mold can slowly destroy whatever it grows on.

Open Crawl Spaces

If you have an open crawlspace in your Boise, Idaho or any surrounding area home or business, you should be aware that you may need to close the vents in the winter seasons to ensure no water infiltration, moisture, or freezing occurs, as this may result in water damage and mold growth, as well as to understand the importance of opening the foundation vents in the summer time to ensure proper drying and lower humidity levels.

Bio & Trauma

During the unfortunate event of a person’s death, some hazards may exist. These can include exposure to bloodborne pathogens like hepatis b and HIV that can be found inside of the bodily fluids even days after the occurrence. This is primarily why there is a much-needed importance to the proper cleanup and steps taken by our disaster professionals.


The importance of chemical cleanup and safety is that the health effects can be poisoning, including breathing problems, skin rashes, allergic reactions, allergic sensitization, cancer and other health problems from direct and indirect exposure. That’s why it is extremely important to hire our disaster cleanup professionals for the assistance of spill cleanups and more!

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Yvette BratcherYvette Bratcher
09:34 17 Mar 22
I was lucky to select Disaster Cleanup because they came out the same morning I called, they were professional, responsive, and answered all of our questions. In addition, they knew exactly what our insurance needed are were thorough and detailed. I worked with Shane and everyone was great at their job. Would highly recommend Disaster Cleanup Restoration.
John LeggettJohn Leggett
07:51 14 Mar 22
Shane was so professional very responsive, always gave a detailed and specific response to any question I had, he made this experience very easy and less stressful for us! Definitely will recommend it to anyone! Definitely a top employee! Thanks, Shane!
Joanna GardnerJoanna Gardner
06:21 10 Feb 22
They assessed my unique situation. Shane offered the correct solution without any attempt to overcharge or oversell. Every explanation was clear and easy to understand. Every service was of high quality. I will always recommend her to my closest friends and family.
Curtis GrayCurtis Gray
06:10 05 Feb 22
I had a minor water issue. I wanted to be sure there was no risk of mold or other problems. They inspected the area fully and found no issues. I now have a level of comfort for me and my family. The company was professional and good to work with. Would recommend to others!
Rachel YatesRachel Yates
07:25 24 Jan 22
Shane, it was great working with you - I’m very appreciative of all your help with my insurance claim. I appreciated not only you and your team but lining up contractors to take over after the restoration piece was complete. I dialed the right number in a disaster! Highly recommended and trustworthy!

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